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5 Ideas to Pull Off Granny Chic Decor Style 2021

Confined to our homes for the last year, people are looking to feel cozy and reflect on happy, simpler times. There was a time in the recent past that "grandma style" brought to mind pictures of hideous floral couches and clashing quilt colors. Believe it or not, "granny chic" or "grandmillennial" style is all the rage. 

What is granny chic/grandmillennial decor style? 

Granny chic grandmillennial decor | FRAMED CHIC

Granny chic (also known as Grandmillennial) decor style brings together the coziness of your grandma's house to coexist with modern day design. Granny chic adds touches of pattern and color to create a bold layered look filled with quirky, vintage and slightly kitchy themes, but with a solid grounding in modern design. 

Granny chic, not granny bleak.

Granny Chic Not Granny Bleak Design Style | FRAMED CHIC Granny Chic grandmillennial decor style living room | FRAMED CHIC

So how to create a space inspired by grandma's charming cottage aesthetic, and not fall into the dated world of drab doilies and tired, tacky trimmings?

  • Think about how you want the room to feel. Do you want your old/new mix to feel lived in and cozy? Classic and elegant? Eclectic and unorthodox? Picture how you want to feel when you walk into the room.
          Granny chic decor style 2021 | FRAMED CHIC
    • Take stock of what you already have. Grandmillennial is an easy trend to integrate because it's a combination of your existing style + elements of granny chic. A few new (or old!) additions can completely change and freshen up the space. Do you have mainly antique furniture? Incorporate some modern accessories for a cool update. Have a contemporary style home? Weave in some accents from different decor styles (MCM, boho, granny) along with some antique/vintage showpieces.

    • Use the 80/20 rule to achieve a balanced room. Choose a main style or element that will account for 80% of the given space, supplemented by a supporting element or style (the 20%). One approach to figure this out is to assess your "essentials" first - the things that mean the most or would be hardest to replace - and let those be your 80%. Then you have room to play with different design styles in the remaining 20%. For example, you may have a room with 80% modern furnishings and then add in a stunning vintage gallery wall or a few antique showstoppers.
    • Incorporate florals. Get creative incorporating floral patterns! It can be as simple as adding a floral tablecloth. Bright, decadent floral wallpaper patterns, framed art, and ceramics are trending. Have grandma's floral painting? Hang it. Or even fill a vase or pitcher with fresh flowers.
              Sustainable floral decor | FRAMED CHIC
    • Use elaborate frames. Ornate, vintage gold and wood frames are essential to the grandmillennial style. Keep a floral or portrait painting, or fill the frame with needlepoint pattern or leftover floral wallpaper. Don't overdo it, use just one or two as a focal point of the room. If you already have a gallery wall in the living room or bedroom, mix in a few ornate frames with your existing ones. You can even decorate with empty frames.

             Oil Floral Painting in Ornate Gold Frame | FRAMED CHIC      Pink ornate picture frame, antique Victorian frame

    That's it! Get to work with your 80/20, apply your colorful floral wallpaper, hang your vintage ornate frames and get cozy with grandmillennial granny chic style!



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