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DIY Giant Pumpkin Head Scarecrow

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Like legitly. So much so that my first (and only so far) wedding was on Halloween. I know. Don't judge me. :) As a little girl, I loved the spooky magic of the holiday...dressing up as anyone or thing I wanted...the freedom of trick-or-treating with friends...and CANDY! As a full-grown adult I still love the mystical vibe of Halloween. Still adore parties, dressing up, and witchy magic! When we bought our home, my boyfriend and I decided to go all out and try a DIY giant "headless horseman" style scarecrow for our yard. See how we did it!

Sustainability notes: 1)Try to get used supplies where you can - we use places like Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity. 2)Plan to use your giant scarecrow for many years. We are on year two. Wild Washington rain and wind - our handsome pumpkin head is still going strong! :)

Supplies Needed

Supplies Needed for giant halloween scarecrow DIY

Supply List for DIY halloween giant pumpkin head yard display

1) Insert instructions to assemble parts


2) Insert instructions to attach together

 Framed Chic | DIY Yard art troubleshooting

3) Insert instructions attach to ground and tie up

FRAMED CHIC | Final DIY Pumpkin Head Yard Display at night



  • I was going to do a modified paper mache head, but we live in WA and it’s 90% rain in the fall, so we used a prefab one. You really want the largest head possible. I’ve seen some at Home Depot and even Target. I usually “haunt” thrift shops and GoodWill pre Halloween for great thrifts that are better for the planet! Give it a try! :)

    Framed Chic
  • How did you make the head? Or where did you buy it?

    Darnell Hughes

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