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Our Story

Framed Chic is a woman-owned, local upcycling adventure here in the Pacific Northwest (Tacoma, WA). As an artist and environmentalist, I started Framed Chic to share the joy in creating our home spaces with functional, interesting, whimsical, positive home decor, while finding a way to "put less junk" into landfills. So Framed Chic was born.

The bulk of our products are not new. We lovingly transform waste materials, useless, or unwanted frames and decor items into new products - saving them from landfills and giving them new life to be discovered again. You may notice we've intentionally left some dings and wear to represent the past and honor the journey. A few dents and scrapes make us all a little bit more interesting and beautiful, don't you think? 

We started with picture frames and niche home decor created from picture frames: tables, jewelry holders, wreaths, bath trays, etc. We didn't stop there! We have paintings, wall art and other wall hangings, cake stands and kitchen decor, plants and exotic decor, sculptures, decoupage and other art, unique antiques, crystals and stones, and anything else that strikes our fancy!

Thank you for supporting Frame Chic and other local NW businesses. Our inventory is constantly refreshed and evolving, so check back with us often!

With gratitude,

Jennifer xo

Jennifer Barlow, CEO Framed Chic

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